Saturday, April 21, 2018


Macro Allocation Inc. (MAI) provides macroeconomic analysis on topics that may impact equity, fixed income, commodity, foreign exchange and cryptocurrency markets. We also investigate market sectors to find particularly compelling price and value drivers. Our analysis, strategy and allocation suggestions consider the potential structural impact of economic and market tail events, which tend to be contrary to market consensus.

MAI also posts hypothetical model portfolios that position and weight investable assets. The model portfolios demonstrate our level of conviction stemming from our analysis. The Tactical portfolio has a six to 18-month investment horizon. It is an aggressive, highly-concentrated, long/short portfolio structured and maintained to seek positive real returns regardless of prevailing economic or market environments. The Multi-Asset Class All-Weather (MACAW) portfolio is a more traditional, diversified long-only portfolio structured to be sustainable and to seek alpha over a long-term horizon.

Paul Brodsky founded MAI in 2015 after a long and successful career trading and investing.

Mr.Brodsky began his Wall Street career in 1982 as an investment advisor for Kidder Peabody & Company. In 1984 he took a seat at the American Stock Exchange to trade proprietary option strategies, and in 1986 he joined Drexel, Burnham Lambert to trade mortgage-backed securities – assets valued based on option-adjusted spread modeling. In 1991, Mr. Brodsky helped establish a broker/dealer that generated over ninety percent of revenues through mortgage trading, which he oversaw. The Firm was sold to Piper Jaffray in 1994, where he was a Managing Director.

In 1996, Mr. Brodsky began managing assets for investors. He founded and was the CIO of Spyglass Capital, a private fixed-income arbitrage fund that ranked top in its category (Nelson rankings). In 2006, Mr. Brodsky returned the majority of Spyglass capital to investors in advance of the financial crisis, and co-founded QB Partners, an equity long/short macro fund that allocated capital based on the flow of global money and credit. QB investor letters were widely-read by a broad range of professional and high net-worth investors. QB assets were acquired in 2013 by Kopernik Global Investors, where Mr. Brodsky continued on as a Portfolio Manager. He left Kopernik in 2015 to form MAI.

In 2017, Mr. Brodsky completed structuring and registering PostModern Partners, a private fund.

Mr. Brodsky graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1982.